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The LAST EVER (for now) Cars and Coffee Irvine is on Dec. 27th. We're crashing it!

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Join us on the 27th for the LAST Cars and Coffee in Irvine - the one and original!

C&C Irvine is being shut down due to noise complaints from The Irvine Company.

We'll show up SUPER early (think 4am or so). The reason is twofold - We expect a huge turnout, and the organizers have an unnatural hatred for 4-door cars or cars newer than 2000. We need to park before they show up.

Details to come soon!
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not worth it. I can show up in my 4dr 1985 e28 and get in. But the last thing I want to do is go down there to see a bunch of fiestas, no thanks.
I was there the last time. You guys were installing those stickers over the FORD hood emblems. yeah.. not my cup of tea. Have fun.
The parking real estate at C&C is at a premium, that's why there's rules in place for what can enter the lot. It's not a popular rule, but it is what it is until they can find a lot to accommodate everyone. I think It's fine for guys to meet at C&C, but I don't agree that they need to take up some prime parking real estate. I'd rather see those spaces go to a little of everything else, not a bunch of Fiestas.
Way too far to drive for a cup of coffee.
Yeah... I was making the trek down for awhile and felt I was seeing the same cars week after week, so I stopped. Once in awhile something rare shows up, but not worth the drive down from LA. Supercarsunday is closer and is "like" C&C without the lot rule.
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