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The Load Floor

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I got my FiST yesterday and couldn't get the load floor to go to the lower position. Today I took out the spare and noticed that the spare tire is actually larger than the cutout for it and as a consequence it is difficult to lower it into the hole completely level. I think the tire touches the sides, and not the bottom. After adjusting it to a more level position, I was able to get the load floor into the lower position.

One thing I hadn't noticed until today was that the load floor has spring loaded tabs on the sides of the baggage area which will keep it in the up position so you can have access to the lower area without having to hold it up. VERY nice!

I have one of those soft-sided foldable dog crate I use for my 70lb dog in the car, and the crate fits really nice under the load floor when it is in the upper position. This is going to be a very useful feature for me!


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1 - 1 of 34 Posts can use your modesty panel (turned upside down) as a little bin to keep things from falling under your seats. View attachment 938
Interesting! I never thought about using the rear cargo cover the way you have it pictured.
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