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That was a nice video and hard to argue with any of the points made on both sides. Who doesn't like an E46 M3?!

A few standout comments: "The M3 isn't a $22K car, it's a $50K car beat down to $22K!". That's the reason I don't own one; I don't want to deal with BMW issues (or any "old car issues"). Also, "D-Bags drive them" (along with enthusiasts). :) Oh yeah, the inline six motor sounds fabulous -- and I love revving it.

A lot of technology has come along since 2003, and the FiST embodies it. I don't mind that people sneer at this car, we get to fly under the radar of conspicuous consumption! Good times.
I live in Glendale and I hate BMW's and Merc's more than ever cause of the drivers
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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