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The Tuxedo Black Fiesta ST picture thread

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Have a good shot of a Tuxedo Black Fiesta ST? Post it here. Can be yours, or any cool pic you find.
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Press and hold the ESC button for 5 seconds and You should get a message on the center display.
I tried it in gear, in neutral, e-brake on, e-brake off, and it always worked as long as the car was running. The MFT screen says hold the button to turn off the ESC and it shows a bar filling up as you hold it.
I would take it to the dealer and have it checked.
Me too! I guess 20% is just the TICKET for us in CT. Lets hope we don't get any.
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35% is the legal limit for all side windows in CT. Remember, the number is how much light gets through, so 35% is the LOWEST legal tint you can get. They told me that the factory windows had some mild tint so to remain within the legal limit, they would have to apply 50%. I had the legal tint on my SES and I wasn't happy with it, so I went with 20% (illegal) this time. No problems with getting pulled over (yet). I doubt they would pull you over just for tint. If you did something else to get pulled over, they might add that on. I'll just make sure to roll down the windows as the officer approaches if I do get pulled over.
That's the ONLY option my MO didn't have. I painted the calipers with orange caliper paint, but obviously hadn't cleaned them well enough because it peeled off. Didn't care too much about the wheels since I plastidipped some aftermarket (and the stock) wheels in black. You can also get Plastidip in gunmetal and smoke (translucent dark gray).
Here's a shot of Keith in action:

I really love the effects my Nokia Lumia Icon camera app can do!
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Those are going to be the 'everyday' wheels for the car, the OEM wheels are going to get autocross tires in the Spring, and I have a pair of snow tires/wheels to go on the front axle in a few weeks.
Not at all advised to run Snow tires only in the front. See this article:
You could end up spinning the car pretty easily.
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