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Thunderhill Raceway

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Signed up with NCRC for this event in the Solo group. Anyone else wanna come? Around $160 for the day on the 3 mile track.
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I'll be there with NCRC on Sept 19th. I avoid thill in the summer months. Way too hot.

I'm usually in Open group and/or instructing but I'll be in Point-by group this time since the FiST is a new platform to me and want to learn it at a lower speed first.

BTW, great idea around starting track-centric threads! :)
Thanks. This will be my first event with NCRC. I've heard they are a good group.

You will get used to the car quickly and then get annoyed waiting to pass people in the turns. It out handles many "better" cars in the turns but loses groud on straights.
Sounds like you might not want to be in Solo group then. ;)
I don't want to get overconfident. I'm happy just harassing porches and bmws and taking the opportunity when it comes.
Sounds like a good plan for sure! Hopefully I will see you out at the track at some point.
Thanks for posting the video! Looks like fun as usual. Now you know why I don't do Thill events anymore in the summer. ;)

Is your FiST stock?

If you turn in a little earlier in turn 14 and basically hook the rumble strip there that's the fast line through there. Turn 3 too, if you hug the inside it's the flattest part of that off camber corner and usually the fastest.
Haha. Yeah it was too hot. But also not crowded. I won't be going back in summer.

It was my first day there and thanks for the feedback. I definitely hug the rumble strip on 3 most people say to write off 14 and use it to set up for 15 and the front straight (which I tried to do). My best lap was 2:22 at 107 mph. I'd be curios what others have managed, stock or otherwise.
Best I've done is 2:02 at Thunderhill... but in my Evo 8. ;)

My first time there in the FiST will be in September.
My brother (FoST owner) and I are thinking about going down and trying the "new section" at T-hill in November. Anyone interested?
Who with, and which new section? The 5 mile or just the west section?
Open testing on West section. Couldn't post link - check out Motorsport reg date Nov 30th.
Nov 30th on the 3 mile track? Shows Zoom Zoom which is a motorcycle event.

The 2 mile event is a open test day.
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