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Tire/wheel experts...

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I have spent mucho cashola...I want a tire and wheel combination that is all season, quiet, and quiet, and durable....Right now, Motegi mr125 with Michelin Pilot AS Sport from Tire Rack....humming and machine gunning....Is it the wheels, balance, alignment, or wheel bearings? Btw....the oem Bridgestones we're way out of whack with road force above 22 lbs...Flat spot on tires? I thought I would ride through it to see if it got better, but it hasn't....yuck...ridiculous
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FWIW, I have the Pilot Sport A/S 3s on my Fiesta and they had a tendency to howl on certain kinds of brushed concrete for the first 5-10,000 miles. I have 20k on them now and the noise has gone away.
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