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Tire Whisperers--your thoughts, please!

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I need new tires. I popped one of my ZIIs (right rear). My rears were previously the more worn fronts, and I'd need to replace both (fronts just got rotated in and have a decent amount of depth). But ZIIs are out of production, and I can no longer buy the size I'd need. So rather than mixing tread patterns or compounds on a daily and possibly screwing up the handling balance, I'm faced with buying a new set and passing on or selling my fronts to someone who has better use for them.

Current top options (for a 15x6.5 Sparco), mixed performance driving duties.
  • Toyo Proxes R1R 225/45/15 - $141 ea
  • Dunlop Direzza Sport ZII Star Spec 205/50/15 - $114 ea
  • Bridgestone RE71-R 205/50/15 - $120 ea
  • Yokohama Advan NEOVA AD08-R 205/50/15 $116 ea
  • Hankook VENTUS RS-3 Version 2 - 225/45/15 $121 ea
  • BFG G-Force Rival S 205/50/15 - $129 ea
  • BFG G Force Rival S 225/45/15 - $144 ea
From a purely cost standpoint, I don't like the R1Rs. They also seem to wear too fast according to most and would make a poor daily tire. The G-Force Rival Ses are also a bit too much money, personally. I'm mostly between the RE71-Rs and the RS3 V2s. I know people have done 225 on a 6.5 wide before, it's not ideal, but it's not the worst thing either. I have a long-ish school commute (60 miles per day), but that would mostly be on my winters anyways.

Guide me, O Gurus of Grip! School me, sultans of street tires, ye theoreticians of the traction circle. For I am weak, my right rear has a slow leak, and I need these by the end of the week.
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what about in stock 17" size? 200+ treadwear, (factory bridgestones wear too fast!)
are the re71's the stock size (17") or smaller? The reason I ask is the stock re050's are below a 200 treadwear and my autocross club adds a penalty for these tires. I want to keep the stock size but go to a 200+ wear tire so I can auotx and street drive the same set for both. Not looking to win, just go out and play and still be able to street drive without going through 2 sets a year.

other options for an everday tire that will get autox'd once in a while? Actual experience would with a particular tire would be awesome!
anybody? I need a 200 + tread wear tire recommendation for stock rims. Mostly street driving with 5 autocross days a summer.
Uhp should be good enough for the occasional autocross. I was wondering if anyone has tried the 760's or the comp 2's as a daily driver with some track time? I want to maintain the grip of the stock tires, I'm out for fun not to compete. Anyone tried this method with those tires?
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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