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Titanium exhaust?

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So is there anyone out there thats thinking of making a custom titanium cat-back? I would love to have one......:happy:
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I would love an off the shelf, bolt in Ti exhaust option. Ti tubing will cost ~$4/inch, plus hardware, flanges, muffler, and fabrication work. It shouldn't be out of this world expensive.
A full Ti system for a bike is around 2000$ to 4000$ from Akrapovic, expect much more than that for automotive.

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Akrapovic is crazy expensive, which comes with the territory when you specialize in porsche and Ferrari parts. Raw materials for a titanium exhaust should run $6-700, and forming a custom exhaust system isn't that difficult for a decent shop. Just make sure you find somebody comfortable welding titanium. $2-4k for an exhaust is ridiculous.
Akrapovic is the pinnacle, and Ti on a bike seems overkill unless racing. I do wonder if the weight savings on a car would be worth the expense. I do know that the full exhaust on my 11 is likely 20ish pounds lighter just by ridding the car of it's oem muffler and resonator and header, and it was 1400$. How much more weight would be shed going Ti?

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I will clarify. If there's a market for full Ti exhaust and it's not spectacularly expensive, giver. I'm not against any type of upgrade, I am curious as to the cost vs benefit of the difference between a good stainless system and a Ti system. Both would likely yield similar output improvements, both would offer a weight improvement(advantage titanium), but will the weight advantage be enough to offset the difference in cost? For a stripped out race car in search of tenths of a second in lap times, Ti would make a difference, but for a street car the advantage might only be a difference in bank balance. Removing the spare tire might give a better return in weight loss, and be much cheaper of a mod.

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