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Top Gear UK top 3 cars

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The Fiesta's neatest tricks are to be clever, but not intimidating; fast, but not scary; fun, but not lethal. The steering is lively, the engine willing, the brakes confident, the laughter genuine. And there is a lot of laughter with this little hatch, meaning that it totally embodies the spirit of Speed Week. There's also a not-inconsiderable amount of change from £20k, which makes it - for us - the performance-car bargain of the year.

After much discussion, several heated debates and more than a few veiled threats, 11 have been whittled down to three. Meet the best of the best
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Impressive. I really hope we get that mountune option here. Are they going for a top car? If so I think it will be the Cayman S. But being in that company is an amazing accomplishment for the FiST.
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