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Hi everyone. We very recently bought my wife a 2015 fist and I wrecked it with only 1600 miles on it :( Insurance decided to total it and I'm thinking about buying it back. It took the hit in the front driver's side. Suspension is pushed back, frame is slightly bent, bags deployed, bent wheel, hood headlight fender and bumper cover are goners, intercooler has a slight bend etc. I walked away without a scratch so despite being heartbroken about the car I'm thankful for the engineered safety. The st was supposed to be my wife's dd but she likes her r53 better anyways:wtf: so she's going to drive that for the time being.

I'm looking to rebuild it. I have a few questions.

Which parts are shared with the base fiesta? I would assume hood, airbags, fender are the same. What about suspension wise? It needs a headlight as well as some ac components. Since I don't think the warranty is valid anymore, are there things I should upgrade rather than go with oem? Any info is much appreciated.
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The buyback price is $4k which I think is a great price for a 1600 mile car. Front passenger frame needs to be repaired but the rest of the car is straight. Even if I were to turn it into a track car I'd still be ahead for the price. I'm just unsure of which parts are interchangeable with the base fiesta and for which years.
Man, for $4k I would seriously consider it as well. Good luck with the repairs. Hoping to see an awesome track car build in the future :)

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I totaled mine yesterday (airbags deployed) and my damage looks very similar to yours. But probably a little bit worse. I actually clipped my frame rail.

Funny thing though, the guy's bumper that I hit was barely damaged.

Other guy

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Woah, crazy. I'm in Zeeland, the car is actually in Hudsonville at a body shop waiting for Monday for the insurance adjusters. I was headed to Grand Rapids when I got in the wreck (was on I196). I'll let you know what the insurance company says the buy back price is...

I honestly don't plan on rebuilding, I hit my frame rail, it looks like you didn't, but I think my suspension is not tweaked at all (except maybe if the frame rail moved some suspension components). Engine was running after it crashed, but the IC was completely destroyed, I didn't see any radiator leaks though.

Also I guess this explains why I never see any FIesta STs in the grand rapids area. They're all totaled!
Be sure to let me know about a buyback price, I might be able to give you a bit more cash than they'll want anf put some money back in your pocket (just don't let my wife know lol)
I'll let you know as soon as I hear. I have auto owners and I've had good experiences with them in the past. I just hope they total it, I don't want to have to fight for the extra money from insurance for the lost value caused by damage repair being on the history.

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Haha yeah I saw the harley sign and thought that looked a lot like i196 east at the hudsonville exit.

Top frame rail was like $300 and 4 hours labor, bottom was a bit more and closer to 10hrs since they have to pull the engine.

It'll likely be close to totaled. It's up to you to fight for it either way with the adjuster. State farm was great to me. Be sure to let me know about a buyback price, I might be able to give you a bit more cash than they'll want anf put some money back in your pocket (just don't let my wife know lol)
Good luck with everything!
PM me your e-mail address, I can send you the repair quote I received from the shop and detailed pics of the damage, part costs were about $9300. My adjuster said they might run the car for sticker value, so it may be close weather it gets totaled or not.

Adjuster is looking at it today, so I should know something soon.
Lol, buyback was $9,500. I told them nobody will be interested at that price

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