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Hi everyone. We very recently bought my wife a 2015 fist and I wrecked it with only 1600 miles on it :( Insurance decided to total it and I'm thinking about buying it back. It took the hit in the front driver's side. Suspension is pushed back, frame is slightly bent, bags deployed, bent wheel, hood headlight fender and bumper cover are goners, intercooler has a slight bend etc. I walked away without a scratch so despite being heartbroken about the car I'm thankful for the engineered safety. The st was supposed to be my wife's dd but she likes her r53 better anyways:wtf: so she's going to drive that for the time being.

I'm looking to rebuild it. I have a few questions.

Which parts are shared with the base fiesta? I would assume hood, airbags, fender are the same. What about suspension wise? It needs a headlight as well as some ac components. Since I don't think the warranty is valid anymore, are there things I should upgrade rather than go with oem? Any info is much appreciated.
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wow! lucky you! that's a great price
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very nice! now finish it up, paint and give a good wash. :)
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