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Tow Hook / Tow Strap

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Can anyone give me some guidance on mounting a tow hook or tow strap to my FiST? I do most of my track days with the BMW CCA and they very much encourage having at least one tow hook on the car. On the BMW's it's easy because the threaded inserts are easy to get to on both bumpers.

The FiST not so much...

I've looked at a few intercooler DIY's to see what the structure behind the bumper looks like and it looks like there's a location for a tow strap bolt but it's hidden behind the bumper. I don't mind cutting a tiny slot to put a strap on and I'm fine with pulling the bumper. But before I do I wanted to make sure I was going down the right path.

Any suggestions?

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This is number six in my current list of projects.

Using the Euro parts would be great.
However their front bumper internals are totally different than ours.
Getting all the parts may also be difficult.

Drilling through the hardened bumper core is not the method I wish to use.
This might cause insurance issues.
I will just have to wait until I have the time to remove the bumper skin again to come up with an alternative.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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