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Track Date

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The local Shelby Cobra Club has a track date the end of October on the BIG track at Willow Springs Raceway, CA.
If I can get it together and don't spend ALL of my money, including buying a new helmet, I hope to go.
I sure I would be able to get a little track time on the 2.5 mile road course.

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So you get to do this ??
The BIG Road Course, "The Fastest Track in the West".

Ahhh cool looks like it has some really fast parts should be fun to see your speeds .. Hope it works out and you have a in car cam too ..
Car Cam, Yes
I have run this track for many years but I am still a novice.
My fastest MPH was over 140 in my '65 Mustang coupe
My quickest Time was in my "04 Mini Cooper.
It would be great to see what the Fiesta ST can do.

Nice looking forward to it...
Do you have any details?

If the price is cheap I might want to attend.
Do you have any details?
If the price is cheap I might want to attend.
This is normally open only to the Cobra Club.
Usually only cars that are 1973 and earlier are allowed (Ford powered only).
It runs for a Sat. and Sun.
Car (not motorcycle) helmet required and must be up to date. (I need to buy a new one)

Here are the exceptions:
If not enough people sign up then it is opened to later years.
As the weekend goes on cars leave for whatever reasons, then others are allowed.
It normally works out to only the end of the day on Sunday however you must pay the full weekend amount (about $300.00).
The odds of getting on the track in May if much better.

I have been doing this for over 20 years with my track car that fit the requirements.
Unfortunately there is no guarantee of getting a newer car in.

I will be asking at the next meeting.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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