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Since we had so much fun at SoW, I thought I'd post on this upcoming event at WSIR. I just talked to Joel at Extreme Speed, and he had this to say:

  • Event is on March 8th, 2014 (it's the track above SoW in the base of the hills)
  • Discounted to $75 for the day (coupon vouchers are okay for this event too)
  • includes lunch for the driver
  • includes use of a timing transponder (just like SoW)

Track overview:

Link to registration:

*I don't think coupon users will show up as registered users, so a few of us won't be on the tally that's listed online in real-time.

At 1 mile around, this is a very tight track and much smaller than even SoW. Joel says he thinks of this as more of a canyon run. It typically favors lighter, low HP cars (but all cars are welcome).

Who's in? My calendar is free right now and I'm planning to go!

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Anyone else.

This is a great track, just like canyon driving.
Plenty of quick turns and elevation changes.
Only without the Cops and bicycles.

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