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Track Day Gear

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It's been a while since I've run on the track, so I decided to update my gear. I bought my stuff on Amazon (I'm a big fan!).

I'm using a SImpson Bandit (black) helmet:

Simpson Sportsman Grip gloves:

Racequip shoes:

K1 Race Gear Suit in B&W:

It was tempting to spend a lot more money, but I decided to go with a good helmet and gloves, and saved a bit of money on the shoes and suit. The savings on the suit was by going with something cheaper than Nomex -- "Proban" in this case. It's still fire retardant, and meets SFI 3.2A/1 ratings.

It's a black and white color theme -- I didn't want to show up like a *total* Stig wannabe. :)

So, what do the rest of you use?
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I just ordered a new helmet as mine expired in 1995.
But then so did my head.

Sent with my retro keyboard and mouse.

LOL wow they never inspected it or you just never needed it that much ??
I am sure I needed it.
Just never use it.

Sent with my retro keyboard and mouse.

LOL Stone head like me ;)
They require a certain type of clothing to be worn out there to like here ? no open toed shoes long natural fabric (aka Cotton) pants and shirt with long sleeves ? As well as a newer helmet and some place here dont allow Motorcycle helmets has to be snell 2005 or 2010 approved depending on club and event.. Some local clubs let you use what ever you brung so ya see guys out the with MotoX helmets... But those events are not much for speed and more for twisty parking lots...
I have never had much luck with the combo air compressors jumper pac never enough juice to help or i let others use my air and they overheat the compressor and it looses pumping power.. So i just got a Honda portable genny and a small plug in air compressor i haul around in the car trailer. If i go to a event in the car alone i take the cheapo DC plug in unit or mooch off friends or the track ;)
This isn't my first track day, but I appreciate what you are saying.

With luck, I'll be doing track days with regularity again. Maybe some people here will join me too! :)
If you ever get up this way let me know we have this cute lil track around here we could go have fun at and let our cars stretch their legs ;)
maybe you heard of it .. Road America ? not for the faint of heart on the pocket book but it is on my bucket list .. was out there last year in a honda fit during lunch box runs what a hoot never needed brakes just lift and you are good ;) still fun running the big track...
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Nice wish we had more stuff closer but thats life in the notrhwoods....
Wow sounds about what i had planned for mid April up here :)
What no Dish TV ?? Rookies !! lol
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