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Track Day Gear

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It's been a while since I've run on the track, so I decided to update my gear. I bought my stuff on Amazon (I'm a big fan!).

I'm using a SImpson Bandit (black) helmet:

Simpson Sportsman Grip gloves:

Racequip shoes:

K1 Race Gear Suit in B&W:

It was tempting to spend a lot more money, but I decided to go with a good helmet and gloves, and saved a bit of money on the shoes and suit. The savings on the suit was by going with something cheaper than Nomex -- "Proban" in this case. It's still fire retardant, and meets SFI 3.2A/1 ratings.

It's a black and white color theme -- I didn't want to show up like a *total* Stig wannabe. :)

So, what do the rest of you use?
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Pump the tires up and get ready to rotate them afterwards.
I went +3 all around and they raised about 7psi each session...and that was with 35 deg temps.
Car felt best in off/off to me. The car is so balanced we were driving 10/10ths in the second session. The tires start falling off quickly around the third lap.
Have fun!
Good advice, thanks. I'm going to run 36F/39R cold to start.

Keep in mind, I'm running 225/45/16s with Dunlop Direzza 2s. I hope they fare a bit better in terms of endurance (between the more aggressive compound and wider patch).
Oh that's right. You're going to have a blast!
Are you on the stock map?
1 - 2 of 83 Posts
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