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Trade in Value

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I have a TB Fiesta ST with the wheel upgrade, sunroof, Recaros and navigation. It currently has 5k miles and is in perfect condition. Anyone know how much a trade in value would be? Anyone else tried to trade one in? Im looking into the 2015 Subaru WRX.
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I have owned 3 Evos and really miss the AWD. I was planning on waiting for the new Evo XI to come out, but that doesn't look like it is going to happen anytime soon. I really like the way the 2015 WRX looks and now it has a CVT and the FA20DIT motor (kinda miss my FRS). The biggest reason for the change is I moved to San Antonio and the traffic is terrible for a stick, plus my wife wants me to get an automatic so she can drive it too. We have 3 3 year olds and I could really use more space. The ST was kind of an impulse buy, I moved farther away from work and the Tacoma was killing me getting gas every 2 days.
You like the CVT? I'd go test drive it for a loooooong ways first. I think they are about the worst things going. Get a slush box, a dual clutch, or a stick. The CVT is awful. Take a look at something like a DSG-equipped GTI, but if you are any part a driving enthusiast you are gonna hate your life with a CVT.

In other news, as previous people have said, if you trade in get ready to take a bath. Like an $8k-$10k bath.
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