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Tried a new gear I dont have a reverse gear!

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Hey guys. So I got a reverse lockout screw on nut thing to go with my new M12 x 1.25” knob. Got the stock knob off fine, got the new one on, and now the shifter won’t go into reverse! So I took the new knob off to bring it back to stock and it STILL won’t go in reverse! Has this happened to anyone before? What can I do? Thanks in advance.
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Not enough info. Does the spring work?
I'd try taking the knob off the shifter, and making sure the spring is on right. Pull it up, and see if it goes into reverse, motor off. Start it and see if you're in reverse. If not, I dunno.
Any progress on this? I used a mountune knob, which just goes right on. Great theft prevention, too.
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You can tell I just put it on. There are coins in the little spot in front of it. I don't put anything there anymore! lol
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Glad it didn't cost you anything but some time. Yeah, if you got the right adapter now, it should go right on. The shifter is red, actually. The flash made it look yellow. It's the "clown nose."
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