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Tried a new gear I dont have a reverse gear!

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Hey guys. So I got a reverse lockout screw on nut thing to go with my new M12 x 1.25” knob. Got the stock knob off fine, got the new one on, and now the shifter won’t go into reverse! So I took the new knob off to bring it back to stock and it STILL won’t go in reverse! Has this happened to anyone before? What can I do? Thanks in advance.
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Hey. The spring feels just like it did before I lost reverse. The knob itself, the reverse lockout mechanism and spring, and all six forward gears feel exactly as they did before I started monkeying around with this new shift knob. It's just like reverse gear simply vanished. The shifter won't even go slightly into reverse.

I retraced my steps and one error was that the "Lift-up Reverse Lockout Shift Knob Adapter" I used wasn't large enough to fit over the lockout mechanism (the "shaft"). It was the exact same size as the lockout mechanism. M12 x 1.25". I had hand-screwed it on a few turns before I noticed this and thought "crap, I need to order a different adapter" so for my amusement I lightly screwed on the new knob (Mishimoto MMSK-BK) and it felt awesome. Anyway, I screwed off the new knob and screwed the adapter off and then screwed the stock knob back on by hand until it was good and tight. Suddenly, I couldn't shift it into reverse.

I guess I was just hoping that I made some common mistake that could be relatively easily fixed. I've looked all over the web and see a lot of "my Fiesta makes grating noises in reverse" but nothing at all about feeling like there's absolutely no reverse at all.

If anyone out there can help or needs more info, please let me know. And thanks.
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I took my car to the dealership and the tech stated on the invoice that he “found gate for reverse broken on shift boot.” It was fixed under warranty. I ordered the correct adapter piece ( and will try again, this time more carefully. I’m fairly certain the problem was that I was using the wrong adapter and cranked it down too far.

I think that Mountune you have looks great. I like the two tone yellow/black. And no adapter needed. Idiot proof. Sounds right up my alley. :smug:
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