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Turbo Tech Racing Engine + Trans Mounts Before/After

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My stock engine mount failed (passenger side) at 20,000 miles. Car sounded like a bucket of hammers and wrenches over all the non-smooth road conditions. Video shows what car sounded like before the upgrade and after the upgrade. The camera on my head was not a good idea since it shook while I shook the engine, simple oversight. There was about 1" of travel in all directions in addition to the noises heard. Thread was closed on the other forum so that's why I'm posting here. I also have the derlin 2JR rear motor mount. All of this combined has given you all the NVH you can shake a stick at. However, others have posted that this goes away to "unnoticeable" after 1,000 miles. I will report back. Didn't want to replace again with a defective product so that's why I chose to upgrade to the Turbo Tech Racing mounts. Hope this helps.

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