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What's up Fiesta Network! I just swapped out my 2007 Civic Si for a Fiesta ST three months ago and this was my first boosted car, needless to say I wanted a BOV. After figuring out that I wanted the Turbosmart Shortie BOV, not the one that is quiet, I decided to install this this past weekend. Figured I'd give some tips, sorry I don't have pictures though!

- The install is very simple, watch the Spool Tuning install tips on youtube, they go through it step by step.

- There is an adapter that you have to bolt to the MAP sensor, make sure you check that the bolt to bolt the map sensor to the adapter is the correct size. Mine was way too small and I had to make a run to Lowes to grab the right size.

- Don't be alarmed if your wire harness is a plug in style instead of the clip on wire splice style that's shown in the picture on Rally Sport Direct or CJ Pony Parts' website. Also pictured in these was a 90 degree nipple on top of the BOV, my BOV had a straight nipple. I called Rally sport and they were able to get me a 90 degree nipple, after the install was done, the straight one may have worked a little easier to avoid bends in the hose.

- When you're under the car look to the right of the engine, above the CV shaft in the inner wheel well of the passenger tire. There is a black plastic shield held on by two screws, super simple, remove that to allow more room for you to fish your hand to access the BOV easier.

Other than that the install of the Youtube video is spot on!!!!!!

Thoughts: The BOV sounds awesome, I have no idea if there is more HP, probably not, but it sounds awesome under a load. It's not stupid loud and its quiet while driving normal.

Thanks for reading.
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