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Unable to run a Vehicle Health Report

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I have not successfully run a vehicle health report since I bought the car. It appears to have many excuses, the latest stating that I have low milage and I can't run a report until I have at least 200 miles on the odometer. I have 2500 miles on the odometer and it is still giving the same message. I have 2 different phones paired with MFT and I've tried with both of them. I don't really want to do a master reset, but it looks like I might have to.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone else successful in running the report?
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Yes, I did make sure the SMR account was set up with the VIN and mobile numbers. I did the master reset and it still says the same message. I'll put another 200 miles on it and see if it changes.
Hi WScottCross,

When you're running the report, make sure the mobile number that is currently active on the website is the one paired to the car. If you have an option of blocking the caller ID feature on your phone, make sure it is unblocked. Start the car and let it run for at least a minute. Make sure your parking break is not engaged and press the VOICE COMMAND button. Say VEHICLE HEALTH REPORT. Look at your phone and make sure it attempts to make a phone call. When it begins dialing, turn the in-call volume all the way up (This will improve the connection on certain phones).

I just want to make sure we cover all of the bases here. If you are still unable to run the report, let me know which error message you receive. Feel free to send me a PM with your VIN and I can take a look at your account to see if we're overlooking anything.

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Thanks for the info, WScottCross.
I did receive your PM. I'm going to take a look at your account and respond shortly. The issue you're having with the voice command button could be related to the Vehicle Health Report concern you're experiencing.

Keep an eye out for my response. :)

Looks like I need to take it in. Bummer.
Unfortunately, I'll have to agree with you. This needs to be brought to your dealership's attention. They will be the best ones to diagnose at this point.


I never considered the ScanGauges as the source because my 2011 SES was able to run the VHR with those plugged in. I guess the way MFT runs the report is different from the older Sync system.
Hi WScottCross,

I knew we had to be overlooking something! This is definitely what was causing the issue. If anything is plugged into the diagnostic port, the Vehicle Health Report won't be able to be submitted correctly. I'm glad you were able to get this resolved.

I cant do the health report because I don't have that option. how do you get to it? I tried speaking to sync but it didn't do anything.
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Hi joker96,

Here's some information on how to run a Vehicle Health Report:
Keep in mind that this isn't available outside of the United States. Let me know if you're getting stuck at a specific part.

Is that the reason I have a different version 4.5???
Please send me a PM with the full VIN. I'll be able to tell more about your specific vehicle. :)

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