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US Wing Mirror Glass

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As per the title anyone got any images of these? Looking to change my UK ones to something a little different and wondered if both side have the smaller angled mirror built in?
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Do they move separate to the main mirror?
I have just bought some wing mirror covers from the US so I hope they fit before I get them sprayed.

Image of my UK mirror:

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So my US mirror caps arrived last week and just got back from the body shop and they didn't fit! Anyone got any pictures of the US wiring connector for the wing mirror so I can see if it's the same as the UK one?
No, uk bulbs are just normal ones. When I looked at American car parts prices one side was more than the other, so though there may be a difference with the drivers side adjustment being in a different place. Or worse if the controls moved the mirrors to opposite directions!

Do the US ones not just have those little mirrors on both sides?
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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