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A possible downside to that is that the floor probably would not fit in the lower position anymore since the OEM tire is 20mm wider than the OEM spare. I'm not too worried about the spare supplied with the car, have not had a puncture that required roadside repair in years....but am very glad the ST came with a real spare....FWIW I did have a tall of thick fencing wire puncture a tire awhile back and was very glad I had a Leatherman (and a flashlight) with me, was able to cut the wire off flush with the tire and limp home.
this car will replace a honda fit (great car for what it is). in that car i bought a full sized steely. when i go on long trips i simply throw it in the back. the compact spare stays in its hole. for me sometimes i go places where having to find the same size tire on a weekend in the boonies simply isnt possible and being able to throw on a spare and roll (and still have a 2nd backup) is worth the slight trouble. normally the full sized spare sits in my garage.

i also have a WRX and was able to purchase 4 complete stock wheels/tires from a guy who was upgrading and that of course gave me 4 spares...

i do not like small spares and would not buy a car with only gunk as an alternative.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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