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Water Wetter

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After seeing posts regarding cooling system problems or deficiencies, I decided to throw a little Redline Water Wetter into the radiator. I took six oz. of coolant out and replaced it with six of Water Wetter. The short term result is about a 2 - 5 deg. F reduction in running temps. I've not had the ability to see single digit changes in operating temperatures before and always wondered whether the stuff actually made a difference. It seems it does help some and for about 10$, it wasn't too expensive.
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Pure water actually transfers heat better than a coolant mix.

Coolant provides good system corrosion protection and provides a good lubricant.
Coolant is also better to guard against freezing.

Water Wetter is a better choice if you don't need to worry about freezing.
Water with Water Wetter provides better cooling a lubricant and corrosion protection.

If you take your car to the track, you may also find that most tracks will not let you use coolant.

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