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Water Wetter

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After seeing posts regarding cooling system problems or deficiencies, I decided to throw a little Redline Water Wetter into the radiator. I took six oz. of coolant out and replaced it with six of Water Wetter. The short term result is about a 2 - 5 deg. F reduction in running temps. I've not had the ability to see single digit changes in operating temperatures before and always wondered whether the stuff actually made a difference. It seems it does help some and for about 10$, it wasn't too expensive.
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I have posted this at least once, somewhere on a FiST forum....

I reduce the amount of antifreeze to meet the actual weather conditions I live in and add water wetter then distilled water to get the best results possible, even with upgraded radiators, no need to have antifreeze that will not freeze far below what you will see. On my really serious street/track cars I change it in the fall and spring to meet the expected demands.
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