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Most of you already know just how important a good alignment job is to the performance of your car, but getting that work done reliably can be tough. If you're like me, there are 100s of alignment shops, but most do rush jobs and have no interest in setting up your track car. Worse, others will claim such knowledge without delivering the results.

Since the mid 90s I've been using the services from Darin Nishimura. Back then he was over at Johnson's Alignment (a good shop, but definitely not the same without him!). Anyhow, Darin has his own shop now, and I think it's been open since early 2000. Time flies...

This time around it's a father and son business. It's uncanny how much his son, Chris, is like his dad (I can't tell them apart on the phone), and he has adopted all of the highly attentive mannerisms of his father. You'll think they're brothers!

I don't want to gush, but you have to see these guys work to believe it. This is as much art as it is a science. These guys love cars, run track events, do all kinds of custom suspension installations, and know what they're good at. If you happen to live in SOCAL or really want to get your car setup right, give these guys a ring.

Check out their 4.5 Yelp rating:

Some people complain, that's how it is (but read just why). I want to be involved, and yes, you will sit in the car so it is setup to handle as YOU are driving it.

They did the work on my FiST and I can't wait to drive it this Sunday at SoW.
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