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What is this and should I be concerned?

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I received my Race Ramps and promptly got under the car to discover and inspect the underside.

I am hoping someone can help me understand what the twin cylindrical shaped part is on the bottom of the picture. It is on the u-shaped pipe downstream of the turbo.

Also, I noticed some oil on/around the passenger side drive shaft bearing block. I think you can see it pretty clearly on the photo, just above this twin cylindrical part. Is this grease normally oozing out of bearing or something more worrisome? The car has 3000 miles on it in 5 months.

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I looked all around the oil pan gasket and it is bone dry. The turbo hardware above the bearing block dry and clean as well. It looks like the bearing has just lost oozed some grease/oil which has dripped down the block.

It could be normal - I just thought to ask if anyone else had seen this. I wiped it off to see if it comes back again.

I am still curious to learn what the twin-cylindrical shaped part at the bottom of the picture is.

I believe that was discovered to be a device which captures oil vapor/residue from the charge pipe.
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