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Wheel Wax Experiment

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Today I decided to do a bit of an experiment. I'm getting sick of the brake dust that the stock pads put out and I've heard that special wheel wax can be a great way to prevent so much of it building up. So my experiment was to clean all of the wheels today and apply the wax to the wheels on the driver's side. I figure this way I tell several things. First, how long do the wheels stay clean (wax vs. no wax). Second, how does this wheel wax stand up to the front brakes vs. the rear brakes. Lastly, once the wheels do need to be cleaned, how much easier is it to clean the waxed wheels vs. non-waxed wheels.

Here are starting pictures for reference:
Driver Front - Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Tire

Driver Rear - Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Wheel

Forgot to take pictures of the passenger side before cleaning but they were almost exactly the same level of dusty.

I bought some "Diamond Edge" wheel wax that said it should be good for exactly what I need. It also said on the bottle that this wax has been specially designed to stand up to the heat from the brakes and such.

First, I jacked up the drivers side and used jack stands so I could take my time cleaning without worrying about the scissor jack failing. Took off both wheels and thoroughly cleaned each, dried them, and applied the wax according to the directions on the bottle.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Transport
Alloy wheel Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Tire

Once they were all cleaned up and waxed I put them back on and cleaned the passenger side wheels. As these ones didn't need any wax application I just did my typical cleaning, reaching between the spokes to get the inside of the rim as best I can.
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Car Wheel
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Wheel

Now that all four wheels are basically the same level of clean and the driver's side are waxed, I am going to drive as I normally do for a week or two without cleaning the wheels at all. I plan to take pictures every few days in order to document the differences. Finally, once my wheels get too dusty to stand again, the second part of my experiment will be to see how much easier the waxed wheels are to clean compared to the wheels that I just cleaned normally.

P.S. - Here's a picture of the scissor jack that comes with the car in it's original location/orientation. It was in there a very specific way so I took a picture in order to be able to get it back the same way. Figured one of you might be able to benefit from this in the same way.
Triangle Metal Titanium Spoke Bicycle part
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Good idea! Should be interesting to see if this helps or not, these little cars put out an ungodly amount of brake dust!!
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