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Shifting is art and comment on life at the moment as much as science and tech. Within broad ranges, as long as one's not lugging or over-revving the engine, all is good. Over-revving is hard in the FiST, as there's a limiter and sudden drop in power and torque at about 6500; if you take the revs up past that, you'll probably not hurt anything, but the car will try to sit down on you. (This is with a stock tune, BTW--not applicable should one mod the tune.) The only complaint I've got at all about the car has to do with shifting, though--it's simply not as smooth as it could (and I think should) be. I've been spoiled by Honda and BMW shifters in the past, perhaps, but my FiST's shifting is not it's strong point. Oh, and 6th could stand to be a bit taller, too, but that's another point.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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