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around town?

1st to 2 to 4th to 6th. 6th at around 35mph unless im going up hill. i have shifted from 1st to 4th to 6th.. when i turn i downshift to 3rd, not 2nd.

i love this car but i think it needs a much higher 6th for highway cruising.

it has perhaps the easiest shifting tranny of any car i have ever driven.

this replaced a honda fit. i had similar 'complaints' about that car. it didnt need 1st in most cases, you can easily start in 2nd unless going up hill. the fit replaced a CRX HF and that car's 5th gear was so tall if the motor could have been wound out it would have been doing 200 mph before it reached red line. and it got nearly 50mpg on the highway. i wish the fist had a 6th about that high, the car would easily do 35 mpg or even better if it had that. 5 tight gears for performance and a 6th for cruising.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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