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Where can I custom order Carbon Fiber parts?

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Here's what I need (assuming I can buy a 2018 FF ST [5 door] in the U.S.):

1 cf driveshaft
2 street-legal cf front doors
2 cf front fenders
2 cf rear fenders
1 cf front bumper
1 cf rear bumper
1 cf hatch door
2 cf mirror covers
cf fender flares

I can get a hood and rear spoiler from Seibon, but they make you order at least 20 units for custom parts. I guess because making the mold isn't cheap.

I am fortunate that $ isn't an issue. Thank you for your help. I want to get this car under 2,400 lbs. That's the dream.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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