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Where can I custom order Carbon Fiber parts?

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Here's what I need (assuming I can buy a 2018 FF ST [5 door] in the U.S.):

1 cf driveshaft
2 street-legal cf front doors
2 cf front fenders
2 cf rear fenders
1 cf front bumper
1 cf rear bumper
1 cf hatch door
2 cf mirror covers
cf fender flares

I can get a hood and rear spoiler from Seibon, but they make you order at least 20 units for custom parts. I guess because making the mold isn't cheap.

I am fortunate that $ isn't an issue. Thank you for your help. I want to get this car under 2,400 lbs. That's the dream.
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If $ isn't an issue I'd get in contact with some of the Rally companies that are primary users of the Fiesta. I've read some people getting decent feedback from Team O'Neil in the US on parts. I'm sure M-Sport in the U.K. Is worth a try also but probably would be harder of the two.

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