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Where's everyone getting their badges?

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I want to replace the Ford badge on the front of the car to black and possibly the rear ST badge as well. I can't seem to find any online.
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I think it was probably your post I read - that looks great. I want an OEM-sized black and silver ST badge to put on the right side of my hatch, where it will sit above the mountune badge, once I purchase the MP215 ;)
Why not just paint the red one you have? Cheap solution and it's guaranteed to be the right size.
This was going to be my final solution, but if I could find one already made with 2-way tape sized tidily and ready to go, I:

- wouldn't have to worry about damaging the OEM badge during removal (for painting, and for relocating to the right side of the hatch ala UK FiST)
- wouldn't have to worry about applying new 2-way tape to the existing badge (I might be sloppy)
- risk ruining the badge during taping off/painting black (I don't have a lot of experience with this)

It was just for convenience, and the fact I'm inexperienced with fine paint jobs. I also didn't expect it to be this difficult to find a 4.5 inch ST badge in a different color (even the only red ones I can find seem to be OEM Ford parts!)

I have a paint stick of tuxedo black, do you think I'd be able to paint it with that (using a fine brush, of course)? Would you tape off the chrome? I don't know how I'd do it cleanly. Could a vinyl business cover it for me?
Before I got the Octane Academy badge, I taped off the OEM badge and plastidipped over the whole thing, chrome and all. Of course that was a better look for my MO paint. I would certainly try to free hand it. It's only 2 letters. Putting double-sided tape on it is quite easy, just cover it completely and trim the excess off with a utility knife. I did that when I plastidipped the Fiesta badge and that was much more intricate. I'm no professional painter, but I would certainly try that if you can't find a direct replacement in the color you want.
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