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White FiST looks old?

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Hey guys,

I'm debating between ordering an Oxford White and Molten Orange FiST. I honestly prefer the white color, but I feel like the white paint will look "old" quicker than the orange paint (i.e. dirt, dust, scratches, dents, etc will be more apparent on the white paint). I have never owned a white car, but I wanted to get your opinions. Is there a way to keep the car always looking "fresh and crisp"? Will washing it weekly help?

Also, if I get it in white, I want to go for the look in the pic I attached. How would you guys go about making the roof black? Do I need to paint it? Or can I use like a large "black decal" for the roof (the same kind used for the side stripes)?



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My car before the FiST was a white Focus. Before that I another white Ford Tempo . White is easier to keep clean than one would expect, as it shows dirt less than black. I washed the Focus once a week and when I let it go, it still looked almost "good as new" . Most people couldn't believe that it was a 15 year old car, never garaged. .....

ANY car that you take care of by washing once a week, waxing twice a year and claying every so often will retain it's new look. The trick is to keep the contaminants from being allowed to sit for any length of time. The paint on the Healey looks good as new and it's gotta be over 20 years old, in my possession for 18. You can also go the "sealant" route instead of waxing. Purists don't like it, but results are results. You can use almost any high grade brand of product, using the same brand for all your wash, wax, clean and polish needs. Mother's, McGuires, Griot's (my preference) all have fine reputations. Then there are the luxury grades, where you can spend stupid money...

I've been dying to try SwissVax, but at $120 to $1500 for 200 milliliters, its too rich for me.
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