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Who is running Hankooks? Do 215/45-17's fit?

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I am trying to find an alternative to Dunlop ZII's. And the only size available is the subject line.

Is this an option?
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215/45/17's? I understand from the Autocross setup thread and others that it is an ideal tire size actually, and there are plenty of tire options in that size. Personally I am thinking about getting the Hankook Ventus RS-3's, ran against a FoST with a new set of those, and got destroyed (I have raced against other FoST's with the stock Goodyears, and other tires as well, with much different results).
I'm not sure I followed. What are the "those" you ran against the FoST that resulted in your destruction? And did your car come with Goodyears as stock, really?
Ah. I didn't realize he was talking the FoST tires. I thought he was referring to his own.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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