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Who is running Hankooks? Do 215/45-17's fit?

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I am trying to find an alternative to Dunlop ZII's. And the only size available is the subject line.

Is this an option?
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I'm considering Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 R tires in 215/40-17, which should fit nicely. They're on the pricey side, though.

They're 180 Treadwear rating, which means they're legal for this year only. I'd just drive them on the street next summer, and run them in local autocrosses here where the rating doesn't matter.

Who has experience with this tire? It looks comparable and I'm hoping the shorter sidewall will help in braking and turn-in.
Very good tire. Sticky and very responsive. My friend had 3 sets of these for time attack on his Evo. Outstanding grip and stiff sidewall. You pay for what you get.
I had the AD08R's on my Evo 8 at one point and they are sticky but there are better tires for much less cost available.
Agreed. There are better bang for your buck tires out there.
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