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Who is running Hankooks? Do 215/45-17's fit?

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I am trying to find an alternative to Dunlop ZII's. And the only size available is the subject line.

Is this an option?
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I'll give more feedback after Lincoln this weekend if it doesn't rain.

I have been on the bad side of rain in 4 events this year making my points suck.
Did Falken cure the original overheating issue on the Azenis?
I don't know about overheating but I got them real f'n hot. I got five runs due to a timing error and did not water them. We had short turn around times and my best was the last run. They did not lose grip on that grippy concrete. Was only 1 sec off Umholz's FoST on a 61 second run so I was happy. They were heat cycled and I think that helps.

I remember in 2011 watering some Falkens on my GTI and they got slipperier than snot.

I think they have better grip than the Dunlops and in both weekends could pull out of a corner much better that before. With only 215x16's I'm missing a lot of contact patch but think they outperform the Dunlops. I sold the Dunlops to a friend in an STF 04 Focus and know what our time deltas are from past event's so will know more this weekend after the 2 day Midiv.
The Falken's were finicky. Maybe they adjusted the compound? I found the Z1 SS's to be more consistent for me, and I enjoyed the improved initial grip that allowed a fast first run - especially if you really do your homework on the course. The Hankook RS3's from word of mouth, are better than the Z1 SS's and Falken's once up to temp and supposedly don't get as slippery as the Falken's were when really hot. I have not run my FiST in an autocross. All my experience has been in a SVTF and E36/E46 BMW's.
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