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Do you plan on tinting the windows of your new Fiesta ST?

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    Votes: 106 89.1%
  • No

    Votes: 13 10.9%

Window Tint?

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If you plan to tint, feel free to comment with what percentage(s) you plan on using.

Handy reference "Tint Laws" -
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If you plan to tint, feel free to comment with what percentage(s) you plan on using.

Handy reference "Tint Laws" -
Nice chart! I always thought CA law stipulated "no tint on front windows", but that chart says 70% is okay. That's cool, but I'm still breaking the law! I wish that didn't make me think of Beavis and Butthead...

I went with 6% "limo" on the rear hatch, the rear windows, and the smaller glass sections.

For the front two, I went with their lightest, which was 46%. I'm tempted to try a near-clear "ceramic" for the windshield -- but that's to be decided another time.

The price was $230 for their premium tint, and I have to say that I'm always impressed with their work. This is my fifth or sixth car that I've done, and I notice the quality over others. FWIW, the cheaper guys used to cut my seals adjacent the glass and have generally sloppy work. The invoice said they did "nine windows" (including those silly shards of glass on the corners).

They also recommended that we remove the rear spoiler -- so we did. He said that during the heat-shrink process it would likely burn the plastic. It only took us five minutes to remove it, and I can share more detail if anyone wants it.

If you're in the Long Beach area and want a recommendation, it's called "Magic Tint and Auto" on Cherry Avenue (next to Best Buy).
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I'm thinkin of spending big money on ceramic tints. Had on my last car and it was worth the price difference.
It's totally worth it! I spent the money on my S5, and you can see (and feel) the difference.

I'm going that route on my front windshield. I'll select the lightest option available, but it will be a bit darker than the legal 70% ;)
i had 50% all around, including windshield, and it wasnt dark at all. I'm thinking of doing 35% this time
Further up you can see my specs -- I'm a bit worried about how dark my car is! Photos are in the wheel/tire thread.
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