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winter issues

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hey guys,

so, I'm finally having my first issue with my FiST.

1) this is the common one that it seems. Only today, first time, my hvac blower wasn't operating properly. The air seemed like it was blowing below the slowest setting. The temperature seemed about correct. This may be related to the blower freezing up or something. Although, I think I have the foam strips that is part of the fix for that...

2) This is the 3rd time it has happened. It seems to only happen when I get off work and it has been below 0 degrees F, if not below -10 degrees. When I press the lock/unlock button on the driver's side door handle, all but the driver door unlocks. Seemed very odd. Pressing the button again locks everything (no noise from driver's door). Pressing it again unlocks all but driver's door. Very odd.

so I guess Ill go visit my dealer on Monday and ask them to take a look. They probably wont be able to replicate the issues without keeping the girl overnight.

anyways, anyone else having similar issues or have any insight?
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My car refused to lock via the door buttons today (both driver and passenger). Still locked via the remote. Weird...
I have experienced this too, make sure the rear hatch is closed properly. I've seen snow build up cause it not to close all the way and if any door is open just a bit the door buttons won't allow you to lock the car
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