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Hey all, I'm fairly new to the world of tuning so bear with me. I'm hoping my understanding of things is at least somewhat correct.

I'm running the COBB OTS stage 1 91 tune, only other mods are a COBB RMM and Injen intake. Consistently using Husky or Shell 94 gas, typically hitting at least 3 degrees timing advance on the freeway. I go easy on the throttle until the coolant and oil are at operating temps, but after that... this car is too much fun.

My question is: does cold weather result in increased cylinder pressures (increased air mass), and if so would a boost-based tune in sub-zero (down to -20C or -5F) temperatures result in increased cylinder pressures that are cause for concern? A load-based (essentially torque-targeting) tune would mitigate any issues, real or imagined... I'm probably paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

Thanks in advance!
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