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Wondering about sway bars

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I saw an interesting video on YouTube this afternoon discussing the hidden drawbacks to sway bars. The guy making the video seemed to be talking specifically about his experiences with sway bars on Miatas. His argument was basically that sway bars reduce grip because while it keeps one wheel planted it unloads the opposite wheel. Anyway he seemed to have some success running his car without sway bars. I'm wondering if someone here has some meaningful insight or experience with running their fiesta sans sway bar or with a modified setup.
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Suspension tuning is a black art. I've read books on the subject, but am by no means an expert. Almost everyone has a different opinion. But, I think that Forzda 2 is on the right track in differentiating between differeing suspension designs. Here's a great series of articles on handling which touches upon the issue of sway bars:
The Eibach front is 25 mm and $274 from Eibach:
A non-ST front sway bar by itself from Ford is about $55.
If anyone who is a suspension guru has any input on whether the Eibach front bar is worth the extra cost compared to the OEM one, please enlighten us!
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Thanks for the reply. In case anyone is interested, here's the link to M Sport:
Please keep us updated on your progress!
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