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Wondering about sway bars

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I saw an interesting video on YouTube this afternoon discussing the hidden drawbacks to sway bars. The guy making the video seemed to be talking specifically about his experiences with sway bars on Miatas. His argument was basically that sway bars reduce grip because while it keeps one wheel planted it unloads the opposite wheel. Anyway he seemed to have some success running his car without sway bars. I'm wondering if someone here has some meaningful insight or experience with running their fiesta sans sway bar or with a modified setup.
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My plan is to stay with stock diameter front bar but change out to poly frame bushes and adjustable end links and side slip locks. Because i think "when" the bar becomes most effective in a turn is as important as "how much total effect" it has in a turn. I have seen no discussion of that variation of the issue of big vs little bars. I also like having the ability to adjust the balance a bit to compensate for a relocated battery and measured fuel loads. because once you have drained the washer fluid (minus approx 11 lbs, moved the battery to rh rear, deleted the rear seat assembly and adjusted the fuel load. That is about 170 lbs or so of shifted andor removed mass. It had a profound effect on how my basic fiesta handled with Koni sports. An ST with aluminum seats, lighter wheels, larger charge air cooler, a quaife diff' and a ECM reflash. will be a hoot on open track or solo courses. I think people get the notion that suspension is a black art because they do not take into account the fact that almost no two cars have the same driver weight/tire type/level of prep or equipment installed! IE; A FIST with a 190 lb driver that has a full tank of fuel and a factory sunroof rolling on full tread depth tires, will be a totally different animal from the one right behind it on the grid with a 120 lb driver, No sunroof and 1/8th tank of fuel sitting on shaved tires.
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