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Wow... 41 degrees this morning...

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So it was a crisp 41 degrees this morning and I was catching 2nd gear as I headed down our long driveway when I realized... 2 degrees less and I'd have to change my tires!

Just made me laugh... not that I would!
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I installed my Accessport last night and woke up to temps in the mid-40's. The car and I loved it! Having a forced induction car makes me love fall and the cool temps. It is now too cold for my carbed Mustang to come out to play, so the ST is having all the fun.
My carbed big block Skylark loved cool weather, needed some time to get up to temp but it thrived on temps in the 40s.

How did the Bias Ply tires like the cold hard asphalt ?? LOL thump thump thump...
My Skylark was on radials, I owned it in the late 80s and early 90s. :) Actually tried a set of siped tires on the back once and while they gripped well the car tore the siped tires to pieces in no time. They were no match for the modded 455, built TH-400 and 3.36 12 bolt posi.

My first car was a '68 Riviera that did have skinny bias ply tires on it, with the 430- 4bbl and 3.42 posi it would vaporize those bias ply tires from a dead stop all the way through 2nd gear and into 3rd. Useless tires really.
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