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2014 Fiesta ST with plans of making it a rally car/ fixing it up and potentially daily driving it. I just don't have as much time as I thought I would or as much space anymore!

2014 Fiesta ST Sync & Nav (None Recaro Car)
53k Miles on Chassis
18k Miles on Motor, Turbo, Transmission (Original Motor had a oil starvation issue)

Car crashed into a dump truck. Causing damage to the Driver A Pillar. AAA insurance deemed the car a total lost and was purchased back from the insurance company. Knee airbag did deploy, but steering wheel and side curtain airbags did not.

Car runs and drives perfectly fine. Has no structural damage or any issues.

Car will need headlights to be street legal. Car will need a Hood, Mirrors and a Front Bumper to be completely "fixed"

I have had body shops look at the A pillar and all have agreed the damage is fixable, with prices ranging from $500-1k dollars.

I'm looking to sell the car complete and running before parting out. Car has a salvage title.

$5000 OBO I think is fair for a running, driving Fiesta ST that with less than $1500 dollars could never tell it was wrecked.









1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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