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WTB: ST OEM Exhaust

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Looking for a complete ST exhaust, I have an SE and it seems like this is a bolt-on thing, so I'll give it a try!

Shoot what you have, needs to be in great shape and uncut if posible.
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Might be tough to get an uncut one. Most people who upgrade theirs cut them so they don't have to drop the subframe. Also, are you sure that the ST exhaust fits? Finally, most important, the stock ST exhaust kinda sucks. For both sound and performance, you might want to look at the aftermarket. Mountune has an option I believe ;)
Almost sure at 100%, someone over on FiestaFaction posted it fit without any trouble:

Someone might have an un-cut one, but the box to ship it would have to be like 10 feet long :) You're probably better off just clamping the two cut sections together.

Also the ST exhaust is great as far as flow goes. The DP is the real restriction, even Cobb's CBE is only very slightly bigger in diameter.
I wouldn't mind a cut one then, I agree it would be easier for installation.

Still on the lookout for one, with low mileage/good shape.
Making me want to go order a Cobb cbe just so I can sell mine. 4500 easy miles on a stock car .
Tried to PM you but unable, send me a PM if you want to discuss, I'm ready to buy it I'd you want to sell it ;)

Just an fyi... I cut my OEM exhaust with the intent on making it easily re-usable and installed a coupler that allows me to unbolt it from the car. It works great for those that want to salvage their stock exhaust to reuse or sell. Here are some photos.
Thanks, you mind posting where you got that coupler, almost seems like it was made to be like that!
If only my mechanic had not thrown my stock exhaust away when I got the FSWerks cat-back...dang it
No problem, I'm sure there are others out there that still have their OEM exhaust still, I am in contact with a few, but keep the offers coming in!

I'll eventually find one, and that they are willing to ship!
You know, I have a stock exhaust for sale and I even welded flanges where I cut it, I even have bolts and a gasket. PM me if interested
Thanks for the offer, I actually found one!
Is it an easy install?
Haven't had the time to do the install, maybe this winter or after winter, in spring.

However, it seems pretty straight forward:
Unbolt and slice the tbe from my car, and it is awaiting purchase from anyone for 400 USD
Don't want to rain on your parade, but I paid mine $160 shipped and PayPal, I've seen them show as $100 and as high as $200...
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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