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So I bought my FiST just under a month ago, have logged 810 miles and my only wish is that I had the Recaro Seats. Unfortunately when buying, there was 2 ST's available within 200 miles of my location and the nearest with Recaro's was over 400 miles away. I didn't want to pay a transfer fee or order and wait so bought my 2015 with the base seats thinking I may be too wide for the Recaro's anyhow. Well, met the only other known FiST in Wichita, KS and he has the Recaro's. Now, I wish I had them.
Question is....anybody in or near Wichita, KS with Recaro's that wants the base and will trade front and rear seats. As said, I have a 2015 with just over 800 miles on it.
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