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How's it going everyone? I've had my Fiesta ST for over a year now, and I've actually been around this site for research and information about the car, but I never felt the urge to join up. I fell for the FiST the second I sat in it at the showroom, and got it at the naive age of 19! Needless to say mods are seldom.. xD.

What prompted me to join the site was a crash (yes it's a bit of a pun on my username) I had with the car a few months back; I got T-boned and honestly it should've totaled the car.. (estimated at $6800 in damage, ended up at around $17000!!!) It's a miracle I got it back, and coming that close to losing it has made me really come to appreciate it that much more, hence why I'm here!

So thanks for having me! I look forward to some awesome ST talks with you guys! :)
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